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What is Team Future?

#TeamFuture is a community of gamers who play games to raise money for East Tennessee Children's Hospital. All funds raised on this page are donated directly to Children's Hospital through their official PayPal account. Your donations will be used to purchase new medical equipment to provide additional care for the hospital's patients.

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How do I join Team Future?

All you have to do to join #TeamFuture is:

  • Host a charity gaming live stream or tabletop event to benefit East Tennessee Children's Hospital
  • Play whatever game(s) you want
  • Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you or donate directly to Children's Hospital
  • Send people to this website to make their donations (or donate yourself!)
  • Have fun!

How do I donate?

You can give directly to the hospital by clicking here or on any of the "Donate" buttons on this page. You can donate any amount you want and even choose to make a recurring donation. All money collected on this page goes directly to East Tennessee Children's Hospital's official PayPal account.


Why should I help?

Children's Hospital is a certified 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations in order to provide the best possible care to the children of our community. Help us support that mission by donating or hosting your own gaming event or live stream to raise money.

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How does playing games help the hospital?

Everyone loves to play games. Whether you are into console, PC, casual or even board games, you can help support East Tennessee Children's Hospital just by being a gamer or supporting someone who is.

Host a charity gaming event, get your friends and family together to play games and ask people to sponsor you or donate on your behalf. Have fun and be creative! You could even start a friendly competition amongst your friends or business colleagues. You can host a live stream and encourage viewers to make a donation by sending them to this page to support East Tennessee Children's Hospital. The best part is you can play whatever you want, whenever you want!

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We occasionally stream live on the #TeamFuture Twitch channel and host streams of other gamers who are playing for Children's Hospital. Be sure to follow EastTNChildrens on and let us know if you are supporting the hospital.

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Play for the future of kids in East Tennessee